Quenindiola: a fresh, elegant and fun brand

Why are you called Quenindiola?

This happened after several brainstormings. This term expresses the philosophy of the brand and the personality of those who create it better than any other.

It is a Galician brand created by Galicians and we liked the idea that the name reflects this.

Quenindiola is a widely used expression in Galicia that refers to something fun, surprising and attractive... It is quenindiola!

What is your purpose as an illustration brand?

Our aim is to show the richness of Galicia in an attractive way. Its cultural heritage, customs, history and legends. To finally know and understand this land and its people.

We have two ways of doing this:

1. We turn the icons that make up our cultural heritage into small works of art. But always with a style of their own and a image

#fresh, #elegant and #fun

2. Through our blog we delve a little more. There are incredible human stories behind the icons that make up the heritage of any place. Those icons have come down to us today because behind their foundations are people who thought them out and have made them possible. Those people with names and surnames and their motivations are the ones we want to discover, know and understand. Of course, with a tone

#simple, #elegant and #fun

For whom was Quenindiola created?

Quenindiola was created thinking of all the tourists who come daily to Santiago de Compostela in particular, and Galicia in general, and want to take away a unique souvenir.

Among these tourists there are curious people, with restless minds, lovers of art,

crafts and design. Quenindiola was created thinking of them.

When we were already in the market, many companies asked us to customise our designs and / or products with their corporate images or slogans. We found it a very interesting and creative idea, so we broadened our range of customers.

In addition, we are incorporating products that can be partially or fully customised for people who want to indulge themselves or want to surprise someone special with a tailor-made gift. We already have some in our catalogue and will continue to expand the options.

Being illustrators, why did you decide to offer products in addition to illustrations?

We offer both, according to the needs of each customer.

It is true that we like to work with Galician craftsmen, whose philosophy is aligned with our own. This allows us to combine a hand crafted support with the artistic value of our illustrations. We love that final result that objects made with care and affection transmit.

Apart from being artistic, we want our products to be practical and not become "dusty objects". Certain articles were interesting when televisions were made with a tube. They were put on top of the device and allowed us to boast to family and friends about where we had travelled. But now televisions are flat and travelling has become commonplace.

What's the first thing people notice when they meet you? And how do you achieve it?

That we have such a recognisable image.

We work only with 4 colours, precisely to get that very own image (blue, red, white and black). They are symbolic colours in Galicia.

For the graphic style we are inspired by two-dimensional forms of the Galician Romanesque. From there we created our own code and apply it to every design we make.

We dedicate a lot of time and work to it because we make a very detailed study and observation of that icon. We make several sketches until in the end we obtain the composition we really like. Once we are clear about the sketch we are going to work on, we analyse how to abstract it and interpret it under our code.

It's a meticulous, time-consuming job that's worth it in the end.

Is there any comment that has especially marked you?

No doubt we are very flattered when we hear words like those of Elena from Lugo:

"I want them to know about you and I'm going to send your postcard to my uncles in Montevideo so that they can see what is so cool in Galicia". It's just that you make me proud of the things we do here."

These messages are what make us feel rewarded for all the hard work we put into creating this brand and all that it represents to us.

Thank you to all of you who dedicate part of your time to getting to know us.